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vidyalog // 2021

short reviews of the games i've played
(with links to my full reviews if u want to read them)

Final Fantasy XIII-2
What I've loved the most in this game is the gameplay. It feels an even better version of FFXIII's, with the monster thing happening (having a chocobo as your COM and leveling him up was 10/10) but the Crystarium feels a bit odd. Yes, it has more rules, but I LOVED how simple, powerful and rewarding was on XIII. I can't say I didn't like this game, but I'm playing it to get to Lightning Returns, so here we are.
Final Fantasy XIII
i think this game is cool and it doesn't deserve all the hate that *usually* has. I've read about how linear is, but I think is one of the benefits of the game. And the gameplay is a turn-base system++. I love it. The only downside on this game is Snow, but well, I can ignore all the sh*t that he says.
Final Fantasy XV
Even with all it's flaws, I've enjoyed it. Its a journey that I've enjoyed, and I can't judge it. I get so attached to this game since the release of Versus XIII's anouncement that is a part of my "nostalgia bucket", and is a game that, ever with all it's contras, I like. I like FFXV. Good bye.
REZ Infinite
A delightful game to start 2021's game list. It has appeal, it has MEANING. Its a trip where it's sound and visuals guide you throught the path. Play it. Play it with headphones. It's a short game, but one you'll remember through the years. You'll thank me later.